The Robber Bride By Margaret Atwood Essay

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A twisted plot of lies and confusion among the characters in The Robber Bride; each of the main characters have dealt with the darkness they once called their friend. It all started in college when Tony, Roz, and Charis all met the darkness they call Zenia. They let her in thinking she is the light of their life when she really a twisted web of lies and deceit. She messes with their men and turns them against the women they loved. A “bride” that steals the men of other “brides”. In The Robber Bride, Margaret Atwood illustrates the theme of betrayal and relationships among Tony, Roz, and Charis had with Zenia.
All three women wanted to see Zenia gone after so many years for grief. When they heard she died in a cross fire explosion they thought that will be the end of her. They were invited to her funeral and when they got there they realized they were the only females. Roz stated in chapter 3 page 12, “they wouldn’t have missed it for anything. They wanted to see the end of Zenia.” They feel a weight lifted off them but they still feel as if she is still in their life. The ladies meet every month to have lunch and catch up with one another. They would drift to the subject of Zenia from time to time and they try to stop so they would not have to relive the past. As the girls stated in chapter 5 page 31,“they don’t talk about Zenia, though. Not anymore, not since they buried her. As Charis says, talking about her might hold her on this earth. As tony says, she’s bad for the…

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