The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter By Ezra Pound

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Have you ever fall in love when you were kid? Now imagine that you are in the 19th century somewhere in china, and this is where the poem takes place a small village called Chokan. Love story is named “ The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” by Ezra Pound. The poet tries to show her feeling while writing the letter. At the beginning she starts with the describing her first meeting with her husband, than she starts writing how her life is changing periodically and she ends poem with a sad tone. Every love story has it own beginning, at the begging of the poem the poet describes how they met each other. In the first two lines she says “While my hair was still cut…”(1) she describes how her hairstyle was on that day. “I played about the front gate, pulling flowers.”(2) She mentions that she was collecting the flowers from the yard, which describes the theme of this poem. Than she explains their first meeting “You came by on my bamboo...”(3) at this line she mentions their first meeting, she explains his first attempt of meeting was on the playing ground, where he was playing with a toy horse that you can ride. This also shows that they were young. “You walked about my seat…”(4) on this line it talks about how he was walking up to her, while playing with a blue plums, which makes the …show more content…
By growing alone after her husband left she was reminding herself a love stories they made, how their first meeting began, she was saying how in love she was with him, that she would never leave him and he was her only one love, that she did not needed any other man in her life, it was only him she was

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