The Risks And Effects Of Using Isotretinoin Essay

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Most Americans have routinely used one or more doctor prescribed drugs to help treat a disease, or an illness. In the doctor’s rush to complete his daily work he may quickly prescribe a medication without fully looking into the case or considering the harm it can cause. The doctor probably briefly mentioned some side effects and the patient might have half-heartedly listened, trusting the doctor and wanting a quick fix. However, what if taking this medication can cause damage to your baby, while you or your partner is pregnant, or might cause depressive thoughts?
What if it causes even more illness and pain? Drugs that have so many warnings and dangers might cause people to disagree with the use of them, but doctors still decide to prescribe them regardless of the dangers. One of these controversial drugs is isotretinoin. The risk and effects of using isotretinoin do not equal the benefit that it provides and should not be available to the public. Isotretinoin, regularly known as Accutane, has commonly been acknowledged as the drug that causes harm to unborn babies. Originally created by Hoffmann-LaRoche to treat cystic and nodular acne, the risks of teratogenicity, the ability to cause birth defects, were not considered before this drug was released to the public. In a letter written to the Canadian Medical
Association, a few months after isotretinoin released, it was stated, “Hoffmann-La Roche has been informed of pregnancies in13 women in Canada who were taking Accutane,…

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