Importance Of Medication Errors

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Implications Medication Errors Have on Patient Safety

With over 100 million people admitted to a hospital in the US, it is no surprise that patient safety is one of the top priorities, one of these priorities is proper medication administration. Picone, Titler, Dochterman (2008) found that 96% of all medication are preventable an alarming realization considering how common they occur. An analysis of medication errors reported by health care professionals shows how common errors are, how they affect patient safety, what steps can prevent errors, and the implications on nursing staff. A medication error is a failure in the drug treatment process that leads to or has potential to lead to harm to the patient (Ferner & Aronson 2006). Patient safety is one of the top concerns that health care professionals face everyday with medication errors being one of the top preventable errors.
Medication errors are an all too common occurrence in hospitals; an estimated 98,000 people die each year from medical errors in U.S. hospitals with at least 7,000 of these deaths associated with medication
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Today there are many protocols and devices that can be used to help minimize medication errors. The standardization of reporting and handoffs between nurses has helped to streamline and disclose any pertinent information regarding the patient. Dispensing systems that give only the prescribed drug and scanning systems for the drug and patient have also shown to be effective in reducing medication errors (Nazarko, 2015). Quiet rooms where the medications are kept have also shown to reduce errors by removing distractions. Medication errors can happen but as a health care professional it is important to minimize this risk as much as possible to not risk the consequences of such a

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