The Rise Of The Western Roman Empire Essay

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Today, Europe is divided into many different countries, which have their own government and leaders. However, in the early European period, it is controlled mainly by two dominant powers: the Greeks and Romans. Our modern concept of Europe developed after collapse the Western Roman Empire, which caused a lot of political instability. With political instability throughout Europe, the desire for a powerful leader increase to stabilize a disorientate society. Christianity, a minor religion at the time became the dominant stabilizing force that emerged at time, which bought Europe into the medieval period of European history.
Christianity ruled medieval Europe; the religion influenced the way the world is mapped during that period. The most significant map that was mapped during the period that was influenced by Church was Mappa Mundi. The map was also referred as the T-O map, which consist of three continent; Asia, Europe, and Africa. In the map, Jerusalem was often painted in the center of map, and map is oriented with the East rather than north on the top. Mapmakers tried to include all of the geographic knowledge, but they also used the myth and religious dogma. The geographical knowledge of medieval Europe surrounded by Mappa Mundi, which was the dominant map of Medieval Europe. But for the most part, the map was filled with imagination.
By the start of the 14th century, Europe was undergoing the renaissance. Many new ideologies and arts emerged. One of these many…

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