Essay about The Rise Of The West

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World powers always need to be growing. If a country does not, they will either collapse in on itself or become over run by other nations stronger than them. In “The Rise of the West” one finds that when China and the Ottoman Empire could not afford to advance and or shut out the rest of the world. They did not maintain their statuses of dominant world powers . It is true that they were still strong but their lack of advancement eventually caught up to them in the long run.
China was truly the most advanced society before the 1500’s. With its high population of 100-130 million, and well organized government based on Confucian ideals, it is easy to see what an effectively ruled and strong nation it was. It had such an advanced military that they were able to push out on of the strongest civilizations of all time, the Mongols, in 1368. They also focused on learning and education, for they had huge libraries. The Ming made several technological achievements such as the invention of the cannon, paper money, and a printing press. Along with the Silk Road, the Ming had large sea trade routes and massive iron making companies in which they used to make and sell their cannons to other nations. Ming China’s many advancements in the fields of military, trade, and technology made them the most advanced society of their time. China’s naivety became their downfall when trying to compete for the most technological civilization. China reached their peak very early compared to other…

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