The Rise Of The Russian Empire Essay

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The rise of the Russian Empire is traced way back in the 1490s during the reign of “Ivan the greatest”. His leadership unified the Russian people and made them be powerful force in battlefields. Defeating the Mongol army in 1480 was a vital step towards expansion of this great empire . Basing on historical facts, Russia became a superpower nation even before the 19th century due to the kind of leaders they had. Ivan 1V is a legendary name in the minds of all Russians who treasure the success of their nation. He was a great visionary and a leader with good motives . Due to his leadership, he mobilized the formation of laws that were used to bring order to the empire and set goals that propelled the empire to success. In addition to his positive contribution in building the empire, he formed the first representative body in the history of Russia (The ZemskySobor) which further united his people.
As priority mentioned, Ivan 1V promulgated new laws commonly known as ‘the sued Nik. ' He further spearheaded the formation of self-managed regions making the empire stronger. Just to mention, by forming many independent regions, the empire achieved an increase in the number of army troops who were under the leadership and command of the empire . However, in as much as there were many positive things that were happening in Russia, there was a time of sorrow and downfalls too. The period that saw the death of the legendary Feodor Ivanovich is argued to be the…

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