The Rise Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Throughout history, many empires experienced a rise and a fall. New advancements and figures of power would usually resulted in an upbringing of a new civilization. However, if economic and political aspects began to get out of hand, then this would typically result in the empire coming to an end. Two empires in particular that display similar traits were Rome and China.
The Roman civilization was a very powerful and demanding society. They believed heavily in war and conquering other societies. Several aspects began to lead to the rise of the Roman Empire. Rome started off by adopting Greek culture which gave a basis for their society and beliefs. The Greeks relied greatly on war as well, which was very complimentary to the romans beliefs. Power in the society, was found among the wealthy. Powerful leaders within Roman history were are still remembered today for their abilities of control. However, the republic fell to military dictators, such as Julius Caesar and Octavian, who ruled during the period of Pax Romana. Josephus, another significant figure in Roman history, was known primarily for his description of the Roman Army. A quote from his piece is, “By their military exercises the Romans instill into their soldiers fortitude not only of body but also of soul.” Another significant piece of writing during this time was Cicero’s On Duty created around 44 B.C. This discussed the fight for greater good, rather than personal gain. While powerful rulers and a strong army…

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