The Rise Of The Protestant Reformation Essay

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Prior to the 16th century Protestant Reformation the Holy Roman Empire had been facing crises in the 14th and 15th century, inflicting damage to the prestige of the hierarchy. As a result of both the Black Plague and the Hundred Years’ War, Europe had a major economic downfall because money was lost while fighting the war and the Plague was chaotic in general. Desperate times had led to desperate measures. With deceased officials and clergymen, the ones who survived began fighting for the power of the hierarchy in order to gain wealth and power. This tumult had led to Lutheran’s Protestant Reformation. A few of the causes that guided to this event included the corruption within the church and the three cases of heretics claimed against the distorted church; Furthermore, one of the many consequences of the Reformation is the new religions of Protestantism off of the original Roman Catholic.
As stated, the Roman Catholic Church is under chaos because of the clergy and even the Pope himself is not taking proper responsibility. Major misconducts of the church leaders were nepotism, simony, and pluralism. To define nepotism during this time, leaders of the church would place family or friends in church positions out of favoritism and greed, instead of selecting clergy based on their qualifications. Simony was also a very wrong thing to do. This practice is the buying and selling of clergy positions; this act was also condemned in Luther’s 95 Theses. Another practice that went on…

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