Essay on The Rise Of The Nineteenth And Nineteenth Century

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During the time of the eighteenth and nineteenth century there were three main groups of people moving in vast amounts to different continents. These groups were convicts, who were sent to the British American colonies and when when American Independence was declared they were sent to Australia. There were also slaves who were forced to move from Africa to America, and there were free migrants, many were

European and Asian mirgrants that moved of free will to Australia and to America.
Over this period of time millions of people moved to different continents as free and non-free man.

Why were convicts sent to Australia? In the eighteenth century as the Industrial revolution was beginning, crime was increasing in Britain. Crime had increased in this time as large amounts of people were drifting into town looking for work, but all the jobs available were given to young children. This meant that the older workers were unemployed and out of money, forcing them to steal and turn to other crimes to survive.
As the rate of crime grew, the British government introduced harsh punishments and long prison sentences on almost 200 crimes as small as stealing a loaf of bread. These so called criminals were called convicts, many of the convicts were normal people living in

poverty who were forced to commit small crimes to live, but some were also violent criminals. As American Independence was declared in…

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