The Rise Of The Mughal Empire Essay

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There are many attributes that led to the rise of the British presence in India, but the primary reason can be connected to the crumbling Mughal Empire at the time. The growing cost of war, the rise of regionalism, and the failure of the Mughal financial system were some of the forces that contributed to the decline of the Mughal Empire. The Mughal Empire’s decline set the stage for British colonialism in India, as the waning power of the Mughals allowed the East India Company to slowly expand and take over India through a combination of subsidiary alliances and military domination. However, despite their dominance, the EIC would meet trouble later on as the former independent regions began to rebel due to a variety of regions, varying from religion to politics, that ended the EIC’s rule and set forth the British Empire’s domination of the Indian Subcontinent. The beginning of the decline can be mainly traced back to, ironically, the very thing that kept the Mughal Empire influential and powerful in India. Despite the early conquests that secured the hegemony of the Mughal Empire, continuous warfare drained the treasury of the Mughal Empire towards the end of the empire’s lifespan (Bose and Jalal 41). The constant need for revenue pushed the various states of the Mughal Empire to the breaking point, with various regions and local elites wanting to protect their wealth and resisting the attempts of the centralized government to collect more taxes from them (Bose and Jalal…

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