The Rise Of The Mughal Dynasty Essay

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The Mughal Dynasty, 1520 CE to 1850 CE, is an Islamic dynasty that invaded Hindu India. Akbar the Great, Aurangzeb, and Shah Jahan were the most famous leaders of the Mughal Dynasty. However, the most useful leader is Akbar the Great. To begin with, the Divine Faith was a huge contribution to making the Mughal successful. Secondly, the Mughal dynasty expanded to a significant extent due to Akbar the Great. The importance of education was valued in the Mughal Empire during Akbar’s reign. Lastly, the monumental architecture was very visible throughout the Mughal Dynasty. Akbar the Great was extremely useful because he created the Divine Faith, expanded Mughal Dynasty, better education and monumental architecture. The first useful action, Akbar’s creation of the Divine Faith, was extremely useful to the Mughal dynasty because it allowed many religions at the same time. During the time of the Mughal dynasty, leaders were expected to put tax on those who did not believe in Islam. Akbar, a leader that was a follower of Islam, had religious tolerance all throughout the Mughal dynasty making all non-muslims favor him. Allowing all religions to come together, there is obviously less religiously caused rebellions. The people of the Mughal would be happy to be able to freely believe in whomever god they wanted to believe in. If Akbar the Great did not have religious tolerance, then there would be uprisings and rebellions of other religious parties. Many have praised Akbar’s for his…

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