The Rise Of The Drug Cartels Essays

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Fast cars, private jets, mansions by the beach, and name brand clothes. Some of the many possessions that describe a tiger at the top of the food chain of social dominance. There is something desirable about wealth that will cause a person to go to unimaginable lengths in order to acquire it. Unfortunately, for young teens in less developed areas, the path of the drug cartels provide the greatest monetary payout. Many of them do so because of the benefits these wealth and money motives have to offer. It offers teens materialistic possessions, upward mobility, and a revised self-image that was never before possible when in poverty. What was once an innocent child can be transformed by carnivorous greed through a path of delinquency.
Materialistic possessions; a blessing and a curse to anyone’s life. The motivation of money is often too tempting to pass up. For Gabriel Cardona, this concept was a prominent reality. After dropping out of high school and later joining the Mexican Cartel “Zetas,” Cardona became involved with stealing cars and smuggling weapons across the border for money. His intentions were simple: “he killed for cars and clothes…the Zetas paid Cardona five-hundred dollars a week,” and this was only his starting salary (Keefe). The opportunity to earn this magnitude of wealth was seemingly impossible for Cardona or anyone with a minimum wage job while attending school. Therefore, the most sensible option was to submit to a life working for the cartels and waving…

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