The Rise Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay examples

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Family structure can directly influence a number of aspects in an individual 's life. When family is dysfunctional, other parts of our lives become dysfunctional. This is because family is so closely tied to us from when we are born. They help develop our beliefs, values, attitudes and identity. Again our family is our ultimate support system and when that fails, we begin to see other parts of our lives being affected as well.
The rise of teenage pregnancy in Canada is concerning as the relation with family has seen to have an impact on teens. Although teen pregnancy is not a social problem, the consequences associated with it make it a social problem. Many single mothers and children tend to fall into poverty and have poor health outcomes (Holmes et al 2016,178), while children without fathers are more susceptible to “drop out of school, be unemployed, abuse drugs, experience mental illness and child sexual abuse”(178). Brenda in the song “Brenda’s Got A Baby”(Shakur and Evans 1991) is a mere example of teens today going through pregnancy. She represents the stereotype of impoverished and uneducated individuals that become affected by their environments. There are many socioeconomic explanations for reasons as to why some teens are more likely to get pregnant(engage in sexual activities) than others. The news articles “Why teen pregnancy is on the rise again in Canada (and spiking in these provinces)” (Bielski 2013) and “Teen Pregnancy Matters” (Teen Pregnancy Matters…

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