The Rise Of Egyptian Civilization Essay

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Egyptian culture and civilization is one of the most notorious ancient marvels that as a civilization stand out and still holds the interest of archaeologists and the general public today. This paper will focus on the rise of Egyptian civilization in the Dynastic and Pre-Dynastic with the shift from hunter gatherers to a permanent settlement. Focusing on the rise and fall of Egypt and what lead to mini collapses will be the following topic. Next will be a comparison of the decline of a civilization of the Indus Valley to Ancient Egypt.
The rise of Egypt begins in the Nile River valley with Upper and Lower Egypt, where crop cultivation and domestication takes place leading into the future dynasties of a great civilization. To compare two great civilizations and why they succeed or fail, I will start back to where it all began with hunter and gatherers forming complex societies and discuss the only the fall of Indus valley as hunter gatherers and settlement patterns into complex societies was much the same.
Hunter-Gatherers to Early Farmers
African domestication of animals seemed to take place first and crops to follow which is different from the Near East and Asia. By about 7000 BC domestication of cattle is thought to be seen in the Sahara and some stable settlements are present. Sheep and goat, the typical first domesticates also are present by about 5000 BC. Pastoralism compared to cultivation was focused on more so in the Sahara which is shown by cave paintings (figure…

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