The Rise Of Communism, Fascism And Nazism Essay

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The interwar years in Europe was the perfect environment for Communism, Fascism and Nazism to come to fruition, as a result of growing resentment and unhealed wounds from World War One. Dictators took power because of the failure of capitalistic and liberal ideologies. The rise of Communism, fascism and Nazism occurred under the respective leadership of Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. These individuals had differing approaches to accomplish their goals. But gist of their ideas is similar. Unite the people under a shared disdain for certain individuals and/or ideologies using any means necessary. After these individuals gained control of the government they began to implement their own policies for how the government and economic system should function. To make sure that they had absolute power and this transition can occur in a successful manner they had to unite the people under a shared scapegoat, both ideological and individualistic. And to further solidify their hold on the masses effective use of propaganda was employed. To understand their rise, we should discern their similarities and differences, to see whether there is an apparent pattern or reason which explains why such radical political alternatives can thrive.

After Vladimir Lenin 's death, the Bolsheviks were looking for a new party leader. The front runner candidate for this position was Leon Trotsky . Another party member, Joseph Stalin, managed to out-maneuverer and dispose of his…

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