Joseph Stalin Rise To Power

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Democracy is a very rare accomplishment for humanity. Instead of freedom and independence, most of history has been consumed by tyranny. Tyranny rises when shrewd men, such as Joseph Stalin, take advantage of poverty-stricken, ignorant nations. These nations are helpless; they’re uneducated about the dangers of fascism and dictatorship. They’re simply waiting for an eager tyrant to benefit from their lack of education. Throughout history, many like Joseph Stalin have altered society’s way of life by gaining too much power, causing fear, and killing for their own gain. Stalin’s rise to immense power started in his lower thirties. That was when he took a leading position in the Bolshevik Party, which soon took control of Russia. The Soviet Union was quickly formed, and when the first leader of this new country, Vladimir Lenin, became ill, Stalin was quick to step up and obtain more power (Workers Liberty). After Lenin died in 1924, there were few left standing between Stalin and dictatorship. Within the next few years, he defeated those rivals and took control of the USSR. Following in the footsteps of the many tyrants before him, Joseph Stalin was not satisfied with simply leading the country. He wanted to control the USSR, and his first steps towards doing so were by creating five-year …show more content…
During his five-year plan he had killed multitudes because of his industrial superpower desire. This continued through the war, where he used his men as pawns instead of people, sacrificing as many as needed to succeed. The killing should have stopped after the Allies’ victories, but that was only the beginning. It was time for Stalin to attempt to spread communism throughout the world. He successively did so in eastern Europe and parts of Asia, quickly starting up the Cold War. The United States realized him as a threat and fought back against his advances until his death in

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