The Rise Of Chin The United States Of The World Essay

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China is slowly but sure emerging as one of the world superpowers in today’s century. Its economic strength has blossomed into greater heights second to none. Despite the various conflicts and resentments about its history, its focus has remained on perfecting its economic development. However, the rise of China is likely to compromise the superiority of the United States of America. Since the end of the Second World War, the US has been controlling almost all aspect of humanity around the world (Ikenberry, 2008). The rise of China will not temper with the world peace and stability because; it has extraordinary economic developments and diplomacy. Whether the United States will sit back and watch the rise of China remains a puzzle. However, the rise of China should be embraced and supported by the entire nations of the world. The errors of war and lack of respect for human dignity are long gone. In fact, the other countries around the world should emulate their working spirit and view it as a revelation that the world has been waiting for (Li, 2010). Apart from its economic developments and democracy, China wants to maintain it economic growth. Almost all the entire the world has been war casualties, and no specific country will ever embrace the act of warfare. Without peace, there will be no economic developments. That is not the path that China as a country is going to take. For quite a long time now, the world has been encouraging economic interdependence to…

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