The Rise Of Awareness For African American Society Essay

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The African American society has benefitted extremely well due to the rise of awareness that education is a crucial tool to reach your ultimate potential. Education is what now helps and helped the African American man strive in daily life. Education is defined as, “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.” This process was thought of to be not needed or for African Americans, as the south thought an educated man was considered “dangerous.” This “dangerous” is good for the African American people, though, as it brought stability and reassurance to the community for the men to strive. Overall, African American education played and still plays a crucial role in culture and society.

George Santayana once said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” This quote ties in with education in the African American culture perfectly because it outlines how the African American people came above the different struggles they encountered each, every day and became the strong community they are today. The rise of awareness for Education in the African American community is what helped them fight and conquer against the white majority while now been able to build bridges that make their community better off each, every day.

Before the black man was educated, they all lived lives of oppression. Tied up with chains, beaten and belittled, life was more than just a challenge for them. Education was looked at, as well as described as wealth, something…

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