The Rise Of Adolf Hitler Essays

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In 1933, Germany became very powerful through the influences of a dictator named Adolf Hitler. The one that believed that six million Jews weren’t beneficial to their community, so they should be eliminated in such cruel ways. I cannot imagine the feeling of any of my family members, close loved ones or even anybody being prosecuted, forced into labor camps and then being killed? All because of a dictatorship and government of Germany that thought certain people didn’t pertain to their country or even deserve life. They sure did accomplish a tragedy that could never be forgotten through the rise of Hitler, Campaign against Jews, and the trail that made a difference to their “solutions.” Before Adolf Hitler became powerful, around the year of 1914 to 1918, Europe was undergoing through a World War I that caused all sorts of damage to the country, in which they considered very “Devastating.” After the war there was about over 9 million or more Jews living all through Europe, where their economy wasn’t so great, but they were there trying to raise their families the best they could with what they had available. Until after 15 years the government finally has been appointed chief secretary of the Nazi state that made no rights available for citizens, became control over all cultures, law and education. Being in a society where more than a million of people were mistreated, because of the characteristics that people could not accept. In the make of all these laws that caused to…

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