The Rights Of The Youth Essay example

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Our society is plagued with a form of injustice that has affected and targeted teenagers in our town.Teenagers ranging from the ages of 13-15 are not being told their Miranda rights as well as their 5th amendment rights, which were violated. As the leader and head of this town, it is essential that our youth feel safe and are protected in our town. However, in order to do so we need to have and pass legislations that will secure the rights of the youth in our town. There is a piece of legislation that states“it would prohibit the police from interrogating any child under the age of 16 without the child first having the opportunity to confer with a parent or guardian and without obtaining a waiver of rights from both the child and the parent.” This law is an imperative piece of legislation that is needed to be implemented in our judicial system. In the case of Miranda vs. Arizona (1966), Miranda was arrested at his home and taken into custody for questioning. The interrogation lasted for two hours and the complaining witness identified Miranda as the suspect. As a result, Miranda signed a written confession. At trial when the information was presented to the jury, they found Miranda guilty of kidnapping and rape and was charged 20-30 years of imprisonment on each count. Miranda appealed the case to the Supreme Court of Arizona, which ruled that his constitutional rights were not violated by obtaining his confession. With that being said, Miranda appealed the…

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