The Rights Of The United States Essay

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The Constitution was written to be the ultimate guide to the laws of the United States, it was written to serve as a guide, leadership, and also to protect each individual of the United States of America. To help us understand each individual right the constitution is made up of The Bill of Rights which is the first ten amendments. This includes a breakdown of the laws that protects each individuals freedom such as the freedom of speech, religion, and the right to protect yourselves with the right to bear arms, these are just to name a few of the ten. There are a total of twenty-seven amendments in which 11-27 was later added. We have James Madison to thank for helping us with our protection and our rights. Many people probably could not state what the difference is between the bill of rights and an amendment. I honestly was one of them myself until I started to do this paper. The first 10 amendments is the rights of the people, and an actual amendment is a change or the additions that are made to the constitution.
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Constitution: The Bill of Rights and the Amendments
It started after the end of the revolution, when the United States was in a total chaos. There was no President to lead and guide, the trading was cut off so there was no money being brought in so there was a lot of upset people including the soldiers who were going into an uproar because they was not getting paid for their service. Washington stepped in to calm them down…

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