The Rights Of The Child Essay

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For anyone who is interested in human rights, thinking about the rights of the child is a fundamental starting theme. The word child refers to a human being between the stages of birth to a certain age, although it differs from one society to another. Generally, the upper age limit for a human being to be referred as a child is 18 in many societies. Traditionally, caring for children starts in the family where a mother plays a central role in the child 's overall development. Gradually, the concept of 'the rights of the child ' has come about with the emergence of modern diverse society and complex family forms. Many international human rights treaties may have been used as guidance to protect the rights of the child. However, it is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which was adopted in 1989, that sets the framework for the protection of the rights of the child. A central element of this act is the protection of the child 's 'best interest '. Best Interest Assessment (BIA) is basically an evaluation of all the elements necessary to make a decision about a child. Although the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child indicates the 'best interest of the child ' as a universal concept, the UK 's practice of 'best interest ' discriminates refugee children. The marginalization of refugee children from enjoying fundamental rights is a mysterious breach of international norm in a country which takes pride in its human rights record.…

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