The Rights Of The American Flag Essay

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During the 1984 Republican Convention, Johnson decided upon a form of political protest that would shock the nation. By burning an American flag given to him during the protest, Johnson landed his case up to the Supreme Court. He was first convicted by the Texas courts for desecration of a venerated object. It was later brought to the Supreme Court of the United States as to whether burning the American flag is an offense at all. Protected under the First Amendment as it is seen as “symbolic speech,” it is unconstitutional for someone to be placed in prison based on acting upon their personal liberties. But in modern society where the rights of gun owners supersede those of Syrian refugees, how can we not justify this single act of political rebellion? In fact, burning the American flag shows more patriotism than those running for political office today. The case was argued to the Supreme Court on March 21, 1989 and the landmark decision was announced on June 21, 1989. The Defendant, Gregory Lee Johnson, was at the time a member of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade. He participated in a political demonstration against the Reagan Administration during the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas. The protestors were in opposition to the policies put forth during the Reagan Administration as they marched, chanted, and held signs down the streets of Dallas. At one point Johnson was handed an American Flag stolen from one of the targeted buildings of the protest.…

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