The Rights Of Marine Mammals By Richard O ' Barry Essay examples

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Many activists are recently speaking out about the harm dolphins go through while they are in captivity. Richard O’ Barry trained the dolphins that performed in the television show Flipper. But, after he witnessed the pain dolphin experience, he decided he had to do something to stop it. He is no longer a dolphin trainer, and instead he made a documentary named The Cove, which shows the harmful capture of dolphins. He tries to show people what the dolphins have to go through in order to perform for us. O’ Barry also runs the dolphin Project, which monitors the treatment of marine mammals. Another activist that spoke out against dolphin captivity is Doctor Lori Marino. She used to research dolphins in captivity, but she no longer does because she realized the pain that captivity causes dolphins. She recognizes all that we can learn about dolphins when they are in captivity but she says that no dolphins deserve to be harmed just so we can learn more about them. Marino explains, “What we have learned about who these dolphins are tells us unequivocally that they do not belong in captivity” (Lori Marino) believe that what we have learned from studying dolphins in captivity shows us that they do not belong there. She believes that we have the power to stop fisherman from capturing more dolphins if we just stopped attending dolphin shows. Marino states, the public has the power to end all of this: don’t buy tickets!” (Lori Marino) If…

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