The Rights Of Lgbt People Essay

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Historically, the rights of LGBT people in Russia have been very rocky. Following the October revolution in 1917, homosexuality in Russia was legalized. This law was not enforced, however, and abuse of homosexuals continued. Unfortunately, in the year 1930, article 121.1 of the Russian criminal code stated that sex between two men was a crime. Each year, 500 to 1,000 men would be imprisoned for “muzhelozhstvo”, or “men lying with other men”. The duration of a sentence for this “crime” was five years in prison. During the time of the Soviet Union, Homosexuals were considered diseased people to be cured of their mental illness by science. Additionally, homosexuality in Russia in the 90’s also was seen as anti-Russian as the idea seemed to contradict the Russian ideal of machismo or patriarchy. In 1993 however, this article outlawing homosexuality was annulled. Unfortunately, this was not the huge victory that many thought it would be. Homosexuality was still considered to be a disease or mental illness caused by the western world. One prison guard was even quoted saying, “I don’t give a damn that article [121.1] was annulled, they’re locked up and they’ll stay locked up.(Schaaf, 2)” In prison, homosexuals were considered the lowest of the low. They were even used by other the other prisoners for ritualized rapes within the jails.
Violence against LGBT people was common in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s. Russian secret police blackmailed gay men into giving information…

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