The Right Programming Language That Best Suits You Essay

722 Words Sep 13th, 2016 3 Pages
x The first step is finding the right programming language that best suits you. One of my favorite ones I first learn was called “PythonTurtle.” This is one of my favorites because it’s one of the simpler computer programs you can learn today. The next step would be to go to, then choose whether to download it for your computer. If you have an HP computer, you choose the Windows Installer. If you have an Apple computer, you chose the Mac installer. (I have an HP computer so I will mainly be telling instructions from that point of view.) When you click the program icon it should install on your computer. Next is to find the application and open it. When you see the screen you notice the turtle in the middle of the page. If you to the bottom screen you will see a place you can type. To move the turtle, you need to type “go(*you insert the number you want the turtle go*)” This will move the turtle up for whatever number of steps you entered. To turn your turtle around, left, or right, you need to type “turn(90)” if you want to go right. To go left you need to type “turn(-90)”, and to turn around you can type either “turn(-180)” or “turn(180)”. To reset the pen marks and start back off in the middle of the screen you just need to type in “reset()”. Or if you don’t want to do reset completely, you can just type “clear()”, this will clear all the pen marks you have. You can also make the pen thinner or thicker by size to do this you type “width(*you…

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