The Rhetoric Behind Video Posts Essay

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Throughout this paper, I aim to study the rhetoric behind video posts in the comedy section of the Social Networking Site Vine at 10:00 on Wednesday and Friday nights. Vine is a website and an app where anyone can upload 6-second videos (termed “vines”) of themselves or other people. Sections include comedy, gaming, music, sports, animals, art, and others. On this app, it has become somewhat of a science in order to successfully portray something funny–using certain emotions, gestures, sounds, and expressions–in six seconds. Such questions as “Why is this funny?” and “How does this person deliver his/her intended joke?” and “What subjects are most common as a source of humor?” will be analyzed. My goal in writing this paper is that, by the end, readers will have a better understanding of the psychology behind why we laugh.

Humor is a limitless concept. Everyone has a different sense of humor which partially stems from their experiences and the humor displayed around them from the time they are a child. Also, things such as race, age, and ethnicity can largely affect someone’s humor. As a result, posts in the comedy section of Vine will most likely not be funny to everyone. This is another idea, however, that I will attempt to study. Who are the people on Vine targeting as their audience? What kind of person would not find their topics funny? Can some posts be considered offensive to some viewers?

*Disclaimer: these vines do not necessarily reflect my own sense of humor or…

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