The Revolutions Have Taken Place All Around The World Throughout History

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History 1376- Paper Assignment #2
Many revolutions have taken place all around the world throughout history. Revolutions are usually caused by uprise of people who feel like there is an unfair social hierarchy, an extreme lack of human rights, unfair treatment of certain group of people and many more. Sadly, some were unsuccessful(wording), but most were such as the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a political conflict between the thirteen American Colonies and British Empire, where the colonies tried to overthrow Great Britain authorities. Not only did America have the revolutionary war, they also had another war called the War of 1812, which they were also victorious in. The War of 1812 was a war declared by the Americans, because Britain refused to stop seizing American ships and they were also giving Indians weapons to fight the Americans. America declared two wars on England mainly because, the thirteen colonies did not like the Parliament passing laws that placed taxes on the colonist, the battle at Lexington and Concord made the war unavoidable, and England kept trying to interfere with their independence. The main reason why the Americans were able to be successful in both wars was because, they received help from other countries and Britain had other problems to deal with as the war was going on. In the year of 1756, there was a war called the Seven Years War also known as the French Indian War. Ongoing conflicts between the England the French…

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