Essay on The Revolution Of The French Revolution

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As the French Revolution was beginning to hit its height, a small Brigadier General was starting to grow into fame. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 in Corsica and when he was twenty-seven years old in 1796 was given the reigns of the French Army of Italy. He was given these reigns for his prestigious smarts in and out of the classroom. David Bell stated in his concise biography Napoleon, which Napoleon said “I lived like a bear…always alone in my small room with my books…my only friends!” This constant effort in academics helped Napoleon receive a military scholarship at the “Ecole Militaire in Paris” where he entered the artillery division. As you are starting to know his background on how he entered the military. The main reason for this paper after reading David Bell’s book was to answer a question that was in every reader’s mind. Did Napoleon keep the revolution ideals going or did he stop the revolution almost completely. My answer to that is that Napoleon did fully halt the French Revolution, he slightly skewed it into the way that he wanted it to go. Napoleon always that he was a superior being that gifts from the man above. Bell points out in an exact instance that Napoleon “did I believe myself to be a superior man, and did the ambition come to me of executing the great things which so far had been occupying my thoughts only as a fantastic dream.” In his own words he thought he was a superior being over everyone besides God. One thing that Napoleon received…

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