The Revolution Of The Cuban Revolution Essay examples

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“You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.” These were the infamous words of Joseph Stalin, one of history’s most despised figures, regarding the events of the Soviet Revolution. Nevertheless, the context or man behind the quote do not take away from its significance. In his reference of the silk gloves, Stalin asserted that one cannot succeed in revolution without getting their hands dirty. The quotation portrays the imminence of the consequences that come with a revolution but also insists that a revolution should not be considered any less paramount because of these by-products. The essence of this quote can be applied to effects of the Cuban Revolution. Though there have been some rough patches in Cuba’s history due to the Revolution, it has ultimately been the source behind the greatness that the nation has achieved. The Cuban revolution was set to topple the oppressive regime that had befallen Cuba, and to give birth to a classless society in which every man, woman and child was treated equally. In the early years following the revolution, a sense of equality could be seen through new governmental policies and initiatives. A fair distribution of land and a decreasing gap between the rich and the poor were direct results of the revolution, and the people could not be happier. However, the revolution was also the cause of much of Cuba’s economic and sociopolitical hardship throughout the years, hardship which still remains today. Nonetheless, the nation’s success…

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