The Revolution Of The Cuban Revolution Essay

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It is not accurate to state that the Cuban Revolution was the event that turned Che into a great leader. In fact, the best way to approach his greatness is by Collins´ flywheel effect, which states that with persistent pushing, in a consistent direction, over a prolonged period of time, the flywheel would build momentum, eventually hitting a point of breakthrough. It was Che 's life experiences, every interaction with the right people, and the influence of each one of his mentors, what pushed him into the revolutionary direction, building momentum, and eventually hitting the breakthrough point during the Cuban Revolution.
Isolating Che’s Leadership Traits
“The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated.” Ernesto “Che” Guevara certainly was educated and a true influential revolutionary. When Che makes a reference to education he is not referring to the norm, he is referring to the educated vision. It was this educated vision, which worked symbiotically with his traits to create his influence and success. His educated vision was fueled intrinsically by the widespread poverty and oppression he witnessed along with his interest in Marxism.
Che Guevara had a range of key qualities that establish the platform of a “Level 5” leader. The process of taking good results and creating great results was evident in his leadership traits. Both Che and Fidel Castro made sure they targeted a certain type and level of individual. This was done through only recruiting people that were…

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