The Revolution Of The Colonies Essay

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It is most certain that if the French-Indian War had not happened, then the revolution of the colonies would probably never have happened and that the United States of American would never have existed. The debts and enemies that the war left for the British were too much and were a key role in their loses of the American colonies loyalty. Britain and its monarchy made a number of ghastly decisions, thinking selfishly, and did not realize the magnitude of their mistakes to anger the colonists. Colonists found their liberties being taken away and were given no representation in British courts about taxes and acts that were passed upon the colonies. They realized that Britain was holding too much power over them for being a “Mother country” that was over four-thousand miles away and only cared for it. The monarchy was too demanding of the colonies to pay off their own debts and this resulted in the American Revolution.
It’s evident that what happened after the French- Indian war was very impactful on the lives of the colonists. It is also very reasonable to say that some of the after affects were towards the Native Americans in the West. It all primarily started when England was given the French Territory after the Treaty of Paris and they put into place a proclamation that restricted any settlers from settling past a certain point in the Appalachian Mountains. The purpose of this proclamation was to stabilize governments in the regions to encourage peace between…

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