The Revolution Of 1800 ' S Essay

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Canning, Kate
Revolution of 1800 The Revolution of 1800 started when a decision had to be made by the United States citizens: “Who is going to be president?”. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson went head-to-head to competed for ‘America’s favorite’ during the election. Federalists were concerned that Jefferson “would give more power to the sates, dismantle the army and navy, and overturn Hamilton’s financial system”(Digital History). The Republicans felt that the Federalists showed “contempt for the liberties of the American people. They worried that the Federalists’ ultimate goal was to centralize power in the national government”(Digital History). Each presidential candidate believed that if the other one won, there would be destruction throughout the country and all would fail.

John Adams, a Federalist, served in the Revolutionary War in France and Holland in a diplomatic position. He helped negotiate the treaty of peace. Adams was elected to be the vice president with George Washington. Adams did not enjoy his two terms of vice presidency with George Washington because of his type of attitude. Adams was a vigor, intellect, and vanity man. Thus, making his time in office with George Washington unbearable. Adams would complain to his with Abigail with words like “my country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever in the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived”(White House). During Adams’s term, the war between the French…

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