Essay on The Respiratory And Circulatory Systems

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The purpose of this lab is to discover the respiratory and circulatory systems of three different species: the Starfish, the Bullfrog, and the Perch. All of these species have similarities and differences and is discussed in detail in this research report. In order to determine the respiratory and circulatory systems, a dissection of the three species is needed to obtain data. Determining the systems of these species will help understand how these species work and work together in their environments in order to keep homeostasis in balance. These species have specific respiratory and circulatory systems to thrive in their environment and keep homeostasis in order.
Materials and Methods
A variety of materials were used in all three dissections including the scalpel, probes, tongs, scissors, gloves, pins, and protective eyewear. The starfish dissection started with removing the tip of one tube feet with scissors. After removing the tip, laterally cut up the side of the tube feet and around the ring canal and gently remove the surface of the tube feet. The perch dissection started with cutting near the tail up towards the gills in a rectangular fashion. The bullfrog dissection started by cutting the insides of the hind legs then up through the abdominal muscles and under the insides of the inside of the fore legs. Use pins to pin the skin back to see the internal organs.
Starfish: Gas exchange in starfish occurs over their surface because they do not…

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