The Research Model Of Sociology Essay

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The Research Model
Research in sociology is very important in society but it needs to be done correctly so the results are not abserwed. This is why there is a research model that is followed in sociology. By doing research on society we learn why people do things that they do and why they think the way that they do. Such as doing a research project on why people abuse their children, this would help us to learn how to help or possibly prevent this from happening (Henslin, 2014). “Social research serves many purposes. Three of the most common and useful purposes, however, are exploration, description, and explanation” (Cole, 2015).
The first step in the research model is picking a topic to do the research on. A certain topic can be chosen for different reasons such as the researcher wants to make the world a better place. The topic can be selected because there are grants available for this specific topic or because the researcher is interested in the topic (Henslin, 2014).
The problem needs to be defined, in other words, what can they learn about the specific problem they want to research. In the example of child abuse maybe the researcher wants to learn if drug abuse plays a role in child abuse. Maybe they want to learn if child abuse takes place more in a single parent home. Most researchers will narrow the problem to a specific problem of a broader subject (Henslin, 2014).
Literature needs to be reviewed to learn more about the topic to be researched. This will help…

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