Essay on The Research Design For The Healthcare Field

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The patient fall and injury prevention continues to be a challenge for the healthcare field today. It is the one of the major safety issues in the healthcare facilities. The Joint Commission (2011) requires reducing the risk of patient harm resulting from falls as one of the National Patient Safety Goals (Joint Commission, 2011). The call bell is one of the most important and essential features, which is also often used to create frustration to the hospital staff (health leaders, 2007). Therefore, it is important for the hospital to conduct a research study to determine if hourly rounding benefits patients’ fall. Call light usage and patient satisfaction and addressing the goals set forth by the Joint Commission to reduce the falls in the hospital where I work. This paper will formulate the research question and identify appropriate research design for the best suited to investigate the patient satisfaction based on patient falls, call bell use, and implementing the method of hourly rounding in Franklin Hospital.
Franklin Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital in Valley Stream, NY, with 330 bed survey data for the latest year available shows that 43,798 patients visited the hospital 's emergency room. The hospital had a total of 12,191 admissions. Its physicians performed 2,983 inpatient and 5,049 outpatient surgeries (U.S.News and World Report, 2015) In Franklin hospital, the quality and safety outcomes quarterly from October to December in 2014 reported 6…

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