The Requirements Of Being A Democratic Citizen Essay

2490 Words Oct 5th, 2016 10 Pages
When looking at the requirements of the citizen to have a working democracy we must look past the written rules and laws. We must look towards the duties that are needed by a democracy of its citizens that are not written and codified. There are many things that are required of citizens such as the payment of taxes, the following of recognized laws, and many other established requirements. One thing that is not required from the citizen is that of being an informed and intelligent voter and citizen. It is not obligatory for you to know the impacts or nuances of what your vote will do. The act of voting is not even required in some countries. You are allowed to vote however you choose to vote, whether you are informed on the issue or candidate or not. The requirements of being a democratic citizen should be that you are making informed and deliberate political actions. You must be aware of the impact that your vote and actions will have not only on yourself, but your city, state, country and so on. You must be an informed voter on the majority of topics, however, not an expert on them. Democracy is only able to achieve its goals when the citizens are knowledgeable enough to cast votes in their interest and if they are able to keep their representatives accountable. The ideal democratic citizen must be knowledgeable on issues and able to vote to improve not only his own life but that of his country. This is attainable in the modern world despite the onset of outside…

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