Essay on The Republic Of The Dominican Republic

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I consider myself to be Hispanic. Both of My parents immigrated to New York from the Dominican Republic in the 1990s individually. My mom brought my brother from the Dominican Republic in 1993, but my sisters remained in the Dominican Republic. Both of my parents began working immediately and did not have any formal education in English. They met in Queens, New York in 1995 and enjoyed living in an urban city with a diverse culture and a large Spanish-speaking population. In 1997 my mother was able to bring my sisters from the Dominican Republic and that same year I was born. I was the first sibling to be born in the United States. In 1998 the whole family moved to a suburban town in Ohio. It was a culture shock for my whole family. My brother was the only one who spoke English because he attended school. My oldest sister graduated high school in the Dominican Republic and my other sister graduated in New York - where being bilingual was easier. In Ohio we lived in a predominantly white area and it was difficult for all of them to integrate into society. My first words were spoken at around 10 months old and they were in Spanish because that was what was mostly spoken in the household. I acquired language similar to the way that the Maintown children in our book did. My mother read to me in regularly in Spanish, I was taught to be a “patient listener as [I] was read to … speaking up only to answer questions” (Ahearn 2012.) My favorite book was Un Bolsillo Para Corduroy, a…

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