Essay about The Republic And The Universal Concept Of Justice

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Who lives a happier life, a person who lives a just life or a person that lives the injustice life? This question is the basis of The Republic by Plato in which Plato goes after the universal concept of justice. Plato gives us a view of Socrates arguments of what justice and injustice is and how they play a role within a society. To create a perfect society in most standards, Socrates meets with Glaucon, Adeimantus, Polemarchus, Cephalus, Thrasymachus and Cleitophon to discuss and argue about what aspects would create the perfect society. Using the arguments provided and the result of those arguments, we can see how the uses of certain aspects are reasonable and could be applied to a society. These certain aspects can show us how today’s healthcare is still impacted by the same principles that were created within The Republic.
The book start of what everyone is trying to define and find such finding the essence of justice across all conditional settings and not just a particular setting. The arguments given also will answer questions such as, which is more preferable, the life with the quality or the life without the quality? Cephalus begins the argument stating that money enables people to be more just than those with less money which is true to even modern times as we can see a statistical distinction between the lower crime committed by the wealthy community and the higher crime committed by the higher community. The next argument takes in Polemarchus who states that…

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