The Report Of Foods And Beverages Essay

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QUESTION 1 I would select multiple 24hr recalls, which recall foods and beverages consumed in the past 24hr for several occasions. It can represent ‘usual’ intake for groups. It is interviewer administered and using comprehensive 5 steps (quick list, forgotten foods, time & occasion, detailed description, and final probe). More detailed information including supplements is recorded, which may improve accuracy of pregnant women’s dietary intake in this case. To validate the FFQ, the pregnant women are required to complete one 24hr recall every other week within 3 weeks after the completion of the FFQ. Dietary intakes derived from the 24hr recalls and the FFQ can be calculated, analyzed, and compared by the trained personnel and through nutrient database and the Canada’s Food Guide. If the bone nutrient intakes are statistically similar between two methods, then the FFQ is validated. In addition, I would use biomarkers to validate the FFQ. Blood and urine biomarkers are not expensive and do not depend on manual recording and memory of food intake. So the measurement errors are not associated with those of the FFQ or other dietary assessment instruments (McKeown et al, 2001). The basic assumption of a biomarker used for validation is that it responds to unbiased dose intake (McKeown et al, 2001). For validation, a single urine and blood sample should be collected after the women complete the FFQ. The statistic from the FFQ can be compared with the bone nutrient…

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