The Replay System Essay

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The replay system that is currently being used in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and even the NHL, is under constant scrutiny by the media, fans, and even owners and players of the sporting leagues. The main question is whether or not the replay system constitutes as a fair or balanced review process of a human call or play. Does the usage of the replay system affect games and control too much of the outcome, to the point that it becomes cringe-worthy and notably unwatchable because of the delays and sometimes lack of knowledge from the staff using the system?
NFL Instant Replay has changed the way the game is played and the outcome of many games has been decided by the review of video evidence. Seeing the evolution of the game, where before you had to rely on the human error to decide a score or even possibly the entire game, has made the choice of debating the usage of instant replay in other major sports an exciting and worthy cause. Why should we continue to use the “naked” eye and trust the judgment of a referee when technology has created the perfect explanation and given evidence that truly changes the way the game is played? The feeling that instant replay slows the game down is true in some sense, but wouldn’t you rather have a finished product that cannot be debated, to some extent, on who scored, or won the game, all because of the use of instant replay.
The problem with how instant replay is used is that it still uses way too much time to figure out the exact call,…

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