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The Renaissance Man In the film there was a group named the double d’s. They are called double d’s meaning, dumbest dog shit. The people from that group are chosen to be in that group because those students are the ones that do not comprehend the army duty. Mr. Raga, the teacher from the group double d’s, was not as responsible. Facing some of his own consequences like, getting fired from his previous job, losing his relationship slowly with his only daughter, and not taking his new job as

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Each of the double d’s had their own struggles and life, and their own destiny of making it to the Army, but there was this one specific double d. his name was Nathanial Hobbs, he was a very smart student and the one that connected to Mr. Rago the most; he saw potential for the student and wanted to help him. There were consequences in that though, Mr. Rago went to talk to the sargeant, they found out Nathanial joined the army to escape from hid felony of selling drugs, so he went to jail. I think it was Nathanial’s own fault because it was his decision of selling drugs and even though it’s in the past you have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Before Mr. Rago changed his ways he faced an enemy on the way through his change. Mr. Rago did not get along with sargeant Lou. Sergeant Lou thought Mr. Rago was not disciplined enough and was not strict enough with his class. You would think it would end up in a feud but surprisingly Mr. Rago got his own discipline from sargeant Lou, and changed of character. Even though things might not look as good as a situation something good always happens.

Even though sargeant Lou thought Mr. Rago was not as strict or as disciplined, the classmates got an effect on the class. The class gave the students motivation to change and it improved their character. They were able to complete the tasks of their army duties and obstacles they had to overcome in order to graduate from the army.

There was an original renaissance
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