The Religious Oppression Of The Workers And Diversity Class Essay

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Over the course of a month and several weeks, I cultivated a great deal of material in the Workers and Diversity class. In this class, we scoped diversity in the workplace from a local, regional, and global, perspective. Diversity comes in many arrangements; race, gender, and, age are just a few. As we grow into a more diverse society, it is all the time more important to study cultural awareness. The subject that left an impression on me during this semester was the subject of religious oppression but specifically Christian Privilege.
In early American history, the Puritans escaped England where they were being mistreated for not being in compliance to the Church. They escaped searching for a place where they could exercise their beliefs without fear or persecution. As they settled in America and America grew, Christianity beliefs left a mark on the culture. We can argue that by looking at the Declaration of Independence and the Pledge of Allegiance, the inclusion of God is in the writings, showing Christianity was the religion of the land. Granting Christianity was the prominent religion, the founding fathers wanted the country to be a place of freedom and refuge. They wanted it to be a place where citizens, of all religions could practice freely. Today, the United States stands as the best religiously diverse country in the world. This diversity however, stands as a challenge as Christian denominations hail their dominance. Their dominance can marginalize, exclude, and…

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