The Religious Beliefs Of An Individual Essay

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A religious belief is a conscious mental act that one undergoes in which they place trust in a particular concept. For some, a set of beliefs defines one’s entire living while for others it’s a simple set of guidelines that are optional. Usually beliefs are well established in an individual, from a young age, these beliefs become part of one’s personality. Beliefs should not be furtive personal matters, they should be able to be discussed in social settings as well as questioned. If one holds a certain belief they should be able to discuss it with others. Humans have an innate sense of curiosity and for this reason questioning fundamental religious beliefs is perfectly acceptable. However, one must recognize that it is not permissible to impose their own ideology onto others or present themselves as ignorant. In a society people have a desire to gain knowledge and educate themselves, for this reason it is permissible to question the religious beliefs of an individual. Being taught to expand one’s knowledge through a series of questions is how children learn which amplifies their curiosity from a very young age. In this technological era, questions can be answered with a click of a button. For example, Google gives answers for a range of subjects and is used more than three hundred million times a day. If people are able to ask questions online and search through books then they should be able to discuss those same questions with others, regardless of the topic. Asking…

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