Essay about The Religion Of The Christian Faith

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These activities and heavy religious emphasis suggest the idea of deities of the Christian faith supporting these acts and their occurrence by means of presence in the location they occur and/or representation of the artifacts used for the action. This poses the potential to lead towards the relations of Christian morals with heavy violence and suggesting that the church as a whole no longer recognizes suicide as a form of sin.
Some say that these religious artifacts that are seen throughout this movie are meant as a means of consciousness to be observed by the characters actively and by the audience passively (Baker). They are presented to the characters as their God looks down upon them and their decisions with contempt as they look back up with similar contempt. This results in the characters, both having knowledge of the ‘sins’ that they commit with their supposed consequences that religiously accompany them and choosing ignorance instead of following the teachings of their faith.
A major problem with this is the assumption that Romeo and/or his family are religious. In the film, we only see the Capulets with religious icons about them or on their person. So the thought that Romeo’s actions would be sinful are under the assumption that he himself is of a religion that recognizes his actions as sins. Due to the lack of any proof of religious affiliation by Romeo there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Romeo himself considers any of his actions to be any kind of sin…

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