The Religion Of Islam Is The Second Biggest Monotheistic Religion

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Since almost as long as civilization of man dates back women have been treated unfairly. Women were allowed to vote after men, were and still have been discriminated against, and even get lower pay than their counterparts. But in the last few decades women have been taking a stand and fighting back. Women are now fighting to even be able to embrace their sexuality like men can. But in other cultures history has yet to change and women are more unequal than ever in the 21st century. Some say Islamic Women have it worst than any other culture. Although the Quran doesn’t necessarily call for the inequality its big amongst Islamic countries.

The religion of Islam is the second biggest monotheistic religion, having over 1 billion followers. Monotheistic meaning only serving or worshipping one God. Islam being derived from the word “salaam” which means peace. The religion of Islam goes around the five basic principles; Believing in one God, believing in prophethood, believing in the justice of God, believing in Imams, and believing in Judgement Day. The practice of Islam is based on the five pillars; to declare your belief in God and Muhammad 's prophetic role, Shahada, praying five times a day, Salat, give to those in need, Zakat, to participate in the fasting of Ramadan, Sawm, and to visit the holy Mecca once in their lifetime, Haj.

The religion of Islam is built around the idea of peace, love and compassion. In the religion of Islam women are supposed to have the same…

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