Essay The Religion Of Hinduism And Hinduism

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The religion of Hinduism started and is most practiced in the country of India and is said to be one of the oldest religions in the world at over 3,000 years old. The get a decent understanding of Hinduism we need to look at the history of the religion and where it started, how the religion is organized as compared to other religions of the world, and the primary beliefs and practices of those that identify themselves as “hindus.”

The word or name “hindu” is now an accepted term for those that practice Hinduism around the world. The term “hindu” actually came from the muslim invaders that invaded the Indus river valley in 1300’s AD. Hindu was the word that was used for the Indus river. So, the people that inhabited the Indus valley where called Hindus. There is currently around 900 million Hindus is the Country of India today. With about 700 million of them being practicing Hindus. Throughout the history of India there has been a very rigid social structure in the society called a caste system. This caste system is involved in Hindu’s belief of reincarnation as well. The beginning of the Hinduism religious beliefs and philosophy was said to have started in the area of 1500 BC. At this time a group of tribes called the “Arayans” came into the Indus river valley. These tribes of Aryans brought with them beliefs or oral “books of knowledge” called Vedas. These “vedas” came to be some of the founding scriptures in Hinduism. The Aryans also brought with them the…

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