Differences Between New England And Chesapeake Settlements Essay

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Differences Between New England and Chesapeake Settlements Europe was the dominant power throughout all of the known world during this particular time period. England began exploring new options of expanding and becoming wealthy like many other countries had done previously. This started and spread the idea of settlers beginning to inhabit new regions separate from England. The New England and Chesapeake regions are only two examples of this. While both regions originally began with British settlers, each had unique methods of inhabiting their new settlements due to their differences in religious commitment, alliances with neighboring Native Americans, and the harsh climate that they were forced to learn to survive in. Religion has always been a huge aspect of life for Europeans. Christianity was was their religion, but it was always a debate whether one should be Protestant, Catholic, Anglican, and so on. The Church of England wanted religious uniformity, and not everyone wanted that. Puritans wanted to purify the church, and a group of people called Separatists wanted to form their own separate church (OI). Therefore, King James, who wanted those who didn 't agree with the way the church worked to leave, allowed the Separatists to settle and form their own church elsewhere. This formed another settlement in the New England region, this one was Plymouth, Massachusetts (OI). The Separatists moved their families here, and the majority of the population was consisted…

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