The, Reliable And Valid Essay

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The goal of any research is to obtain findings that are reliable and valid. The reliability of research should always be predictable. High validity also plays a huge role in the success of research. A measure displaying validity is concise, accurate, and shows a significant difference amongst the samples being studied. Another goal of research is to become published in scholarly journal, this process allows for peers to observe your research, help expand future studies, and allows for your research to be retested to ensure reliability. Research was conducted by Sylwester and Purver (2015) on the psychological differences between individuals of different political affiliations based on twitter. Researchers wanted to avoid the use of questionnaires and surveys to avoid issues with the validity of the study. This lead researchers to take on a linguistic approach based on the tweets posted on Twitter.
Throughout psychology there are two essential methods to conducting research . First, the experimental method, which involves manipulation and control to examine a cause and effect relationships . Experimental methods help us make discoveries on the “why” of behavior. Conversely, descriptive methods take place in a more natural setting. Descriptive methods help researchers depict a person or group through direct observation. Sylwester and Purver (2015) used the descriptive method to collect data. Their methods would not apply to experimental methods because it did not require…

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